There are many ways you can contribute to the project and most of them do not involve having an intimate knowledge of Codeception or wp-browser internals.

Reporting an issue

It can be done from here.
Whenever you find yourself struggling with something, anything, while using wp-browser, please report an issue.
If your issue is not a real issue it will be quickly closed but still provide two values:
  1. 1.
    it will remain in the repository issues archive making it searchable for any other user having the same, or similar, issue
  2. 2.
    it might shine a light on missing documentation, API or clarity in general.
    Take the time to fill in the issue template provided and provide as many details as you can.

Reporting a bug

The project pulls a number of components together and will have bugs. If you run into one of them then provide as much detail as possible when opening the issue. Beside what the issue template will ask feel free to provide as much additional detail as you can.

Requesting documentation

If you feel the documentation is lacking or missing something entirely please report it. No documentation can possibly cover any case ever but there's a good chance you're not alone with the feeling that something is amiss.

Requesting new features

I've not used all the tools, environments and possible setups wp-browser could cover.
If you feel wp-browser is missing a feature open an issue and try to provide as many details as possible:
  • What problem would the new feature solve?
  • Is it possible to do what you would like the new feature to do with the existing API?
  • Could you provide an example of the API/configuration you would like to be able to use?
    A new feature can be as small as a new module method or as large as a new module entirely: do not be afraid to ask.

Pull requests

If you encounter any of the issues above and have a proposed fix for it then open a pull request alongside an issue.
Any pull-request has to pass tests before being merged and I might add code to your pull request to add tests or update them; I will work with you on the pull request if required.
Just know it's really appreciated.
Last modified 2yr ago