Version 2 to version 3

Version 3 of wp-browser removed, to allow for broader compatibility with PHP and Composer versions, some of its dependencies and modified some of its methods. Here is a list of changes and the suggested courses of action:
  • Removed symfony/process to launch and manage external processes; re-add it your project development
    requirements using composer require --dev symfony/process.
  • Removed the wp-cli/wp-cli-bundle dependency; if you were relying on non-core
    packages, then re-add it to your project development requirements using composer require --dev wp-cli/wp-cli-bundle.
  • Removed the WithWpCli::executeBackgroundWpCliCommand trait method, and, as a consequence, the
    WPCLI::executeBackgroundWpCliCommand module method; you could have used the latter, if this was the case, then
    require the symfony/process as explained above and launch processes in background using its API; find out more.
  • Refactored the WPCLI module to build and escape string command lines differently; the handling of command-line arguments
    for the WPCLI module has been modified to make it a bit more consistent and robust; as a consequence, you might experience
    some breakages in string commands that used to work correctly before; should this be the case then either modify
    your code ot provide the command in array format (taking care of the correct escaping in your code), or make sure to
    pass a correctly structured command string to the WPCLI module.