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Getting started

This is the documentation for version 4 of the project, the current version. Documentation for the previous version of the project, version 3, can be found here.

The wp-browser library provides a set of Codeception modules and middleware to enable the testing of WordPress sites, plugins and themes.


Add wp-browser to your project as a development dependency using Composer

cd my-wordrpess-project
composer require --dev lucatume/wp-browser

Initialize wp-browser to quickly configured to suite your project and setup:

vendor/bin/codecept init wpbrowser

The command will set up your project to run integration and end-to-end tests using:

  • SQLite as the database engine, leveraging the SQLite Database Integration plugin
  • PHP built-in web server to serve the WordPress site on localhost (e.g. http://localhost:8080)
  • Chromedriver to drive the local version of Chrome installed on your machine

If you're working on a plugin or theme project, the default configuration will add some extra steps:

  • install the latest version of WordPress in the tests/_wordpress directory
  • create a tests/_plugins directory: any file or directory in this directory will be symlinked into the WordPress installation in tests/_wordpress/wp-content/plugins
  • create a tests/_themes directory: any file or directory in this directory will be symlinked into the WordPress installation in tests/_wordpress/wp-content/themes

For most projects this configuration will be enough to get started with testing.

You can run your tests immediately using the vendor/bin/codecept run command.

Read more about the commands provided by the library here.

Using a custom configuration

If you decide to skip the default configuration, you will be able to set up wp-browser to suit your needs and local setup by editing the tests/.env file. The inline documentation in the file will guide you through the configuration process.

Read more about using a custom configuration here.

Getting support for wp-browser configuration and usage

The best place to get support for wp-browser is the project documentation.
Since this project builds on top of PHPUnit and Codeception, you can also refer to their documentation.

If you can't find the answer to your question here you can ask on the "Issues" section of the wp-browser repository taking care to provide as much information as possible.

Finally, you can contact me directly to set up a call to discuss your project needs and how wp-browser can help you.