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Event Dispatcher Bridge

This extension connects the event dispatcher system provided by Codeception, and normally available only through the use of custom extensions, to make it available through calls to the lucatume\WPBrowser\Events\Dispatcher class API.

If not using this extension, then the only way to subscribe to events dispatched by Codeception is to use custom extensions.


The extension does not require configuration, it just needs to be enabled in the Codeception configuration file:

    - "lucatume\\WPBrowser\\Extension\\EventDispatcherBridge"


The extension will automatically hook into the event dispatcher system provided by Codeception, normally available only through the use of custom extensions, and inject user-defined event listeners in it.

Once the extension is enabled, you can use the lucatume\WPBrowser\Events\Dispatcher class to subscribe to Codeception events.
This is typically be done in either the global bootstrap file, or in a suite bootstrap file.

You can subscribe to the following events dispatched by Codeception in either the global bootstrap file (usually tests/_bootstrap.php), or in a suite bootstrap file (usually tests/<suite>/_bootstrap.php):

  • Codeception\Events::SUITE_BEFORE
  • Codeception\Events::SUITE_AFTER
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_START
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_BEFORE
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::STEP_BEFORE
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::STEP_AFTER
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_FAIL
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_ERROR
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_PARSED
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_INCOMPLETE
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_SKIPPED
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_WARNING
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_USELESS
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_SUCCESS
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_AFTER
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_END
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::TEST_FAIL_PRINT
  • CodeceptionventsEvents::RESULT_PRINT_AFTER

Due to order-of-operations, the earliest Codeception dispatched Event you can subscribe to is the SUITE_BEFORE one.
To subscribe to the following earlier events, you must implement an extension following the custom extension approach:

  • Codeception\Events::MODULE_INIT
  • Codeception\Events::SUITE_INIT

The Dispatcher API documentation provides more details about the events dispatched by Codeception and wp-browser and examples on how to subscribe to them.

Usage Examples

In the global bootstrap file (usually tests/_bootstrap.php), or the suite bootstrap file (usually tests/<suite>/_bootstrap.php), subscribe to the Codeception events by providing a callback function that will accept different parameters depending on the event being dispatched:


use Codeception\Events;
use Codeception\Event\SuiteEvent
use Codeception\Event\TestEvent;
use Codeception\Event\StepEvent;
use Codeception\Event\PrintResultEvent;
use lucatume\WPBrowser\Events\Dispatcher;

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::SUITE_BEFORE, function (SuiteEvent $suiteEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on SUITE BEFORE');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::SUITE_AFTER, function (SuiteEvent $suiteEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on SUITE AFTER');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_START, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST START');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_BEFORE, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST BEFORE');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::STEP_BEFORE, function (StepEvent $stepEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on STEP BEFORE');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::STEP_AFTER, function (StepEvent $stepEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on STEP AFTER');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_FAIL, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST FAIL');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_ERROR, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST ERROR');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_PARSED, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST PARSED');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_INCOMPLETE, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST INCOMPLETE');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_SKIPPED, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST SKIPPED');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_WARNING, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST WARNING');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_USELESS, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST USELESS');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_SUCCESS, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST SUCCESS');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_AFTER, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST AFTER');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_END, function (TestEvent $testEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST END');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::TEST_FAIL_PRINT, function (PrintResultEvent $printResultEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on TEST FAIL PRINT');

Dispatcher::addListener(Events::RESULT_PRINT_AFTER, function (PrintResultEvent $printResultEvent) {
    codecept_debug('Running on RESULT PRINT AFTER');

Read more about the Dispatcher API here.