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This is the documentation for version 3 of the project. The current version is version 4 and the documentation can be found here.


wp-browser has some requirements your development environment will need to fulfill for it to work correctly.


The minimum supported version of PHP supported by wp-browser is 5.6.

This requirement does not reflect on the minimum PHP version your plugin might require; see the FAQs for more information.


There is no phar version of wp-browser and it can only be installed using Composer.

See Composer installation guide for more information.

WordPress, MySQL, Apache/Nginx

wp-browser will not download, install and configure WordPress for you.

It will also not download, install and setup MySQL, Apache, Nginx or any other technology required by a fully functional WordPress installation for you.

You need to set up a local WordPress installation on your own; you can use your preferred solution to do it.

In the documentation I will show automated ways to do this but, for most projects, that's not the best solution.